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Children's mattresses are also authentic? Old parents may hurt children

文章分类: 床垫新闻 编辑作者:深爱床垫 阅读: Published: 2018-05-25 12:06:53 Articles Category: Mattress news editor of: Mattress love to read:

关于“孩子睡不好”这个问题网上众说纷纭,有的说和白天过于兴奋有关、有的说跟家庭关系挂钩,还有的说这就是睡眠亚健康的信号,应该赶紧在睡眠上找问题…… [Introduction]: On the issue of "the child can't sleep well," there are many different opinions on the Internet, some are related to too much excitement during the day, some are related to family relationships, and others are a signal of sub-healthy sleep, and you should hurry to sleep Find problems ...

There are various opinions on the Internet about the problem of "children's poor sleep", some are related to too much excitement during the day, some are related to family relationships, and some are signals of sub-healthy sleep. You should quickly find problems in sleep ... According to the introspection that the old drivers in the baby industry said, I do n’t think the baby ’s excitement and the family relationship are bothered. Is it really that the mattress that sleeps every night is not suitable and uncomfortable? Anyway, no matter where the problem is, this kind of The conditions that affect the health of babies at home must be resolved as soon as possible.

Children's mattresses are also classified as "authentic"

I still remember that when I chose a mattress for my daughter-in-law, I was a neat person who had committed a choice disorder. "3D Coconut Palm", "Natural Latex", "Environmentally Friendly and Anti-Mite" ... I do n’t know, there are too many names for children's mattresses on the market. I ca n’t figure out how to think about it at the price. "On Heroes", he chose a cheap coconut palm mat for the girl.

But I clearly remember that my daughter cried for several nights, as if resentful to the new mattress. At that time, we thought she just couldn't get used to it because she just started to sleep in the bed. Later, I had the chance to hear the "Parenting and Sleeping Class" of the children of Shuda in the United States. It was not that simple. The original children's mattresses were also classified as genuine. The more expensive they are, the better.

Children are not a scaled-down version of adults, so small adult mattresses are not suitable for their young and developing bodies. Children still need to sleep with child pads. However, the children's mattresses in the market are a bit mixed, there are not many professional, but there are many fake experts.

In fact, professional children's mattresses will be targeted for material selection, design and manufacturing according to the child's spine and bone development, skin tolerance, and sleeping habits. This is a process that requires repeated trials. . However, most of the "pseudo-children's mattresses" are sold by changing the size of adult mattresses, which is difficult to protect the health and safety of children. When I heard this, my back suddenly became cold. If I didn't find the "catty" of the children's mattress early, wouldn't my daughter still be in sub-sleeping health.

After learning for a while, I know that when children reach a certain age, it is best to separate their beds from their parents and sleep on professional children's mats. Hard or soft mattresses are actually not suitable for children who are growing. Soft and hard should be moderate; children The skin is often allergic or the trachea is sensitive. It may be caused by mites on old mattresses. It is said that the mattresses are very scary without removing mites for one year.

Seriously, these old ideas and practices are harmful to the child's health, but the parents of new generations who are getting more and more information should really learn more and think more, don't fall into the old misunderstanding.

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