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Mattress marketing opens direct sales model, endless ways to grab customers

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说起内购,人们想到的可能首先是内部员工才能享受的价格与优惠。 [Introduction]: When talking about in-app purchases, people may first think of prices and benefits that can only be enjoyed by internal employees. However, nowadays, the furniture industry has begun to popularize factory direct-type in-purchase fairs facing a small range of consumers.

Recently, the "barbecue mode" has been started in the south, and the temperature has been soaring, breaking historical records over the same period. In Shenzhen, as hot as the weather, there is such an event-Yalan's mid-year purchase within 527 years. Speaking of internal purchases, people may first think of prices and concessions that can only be enjoyed by internal employees. However, nowadays, the furniture industry has begun to popularize factory direct-type in-purchase fairs facing a small range of consumers.

Mattress brand launches customer grabbing mode

Take Yalan as an example. The "Mid-year Shopping Meeting" they will hold on May 27 is this operation mode. In order to grab customers, a large number of shopping guides entered the major communities in Shenzhen to take the initiative to launch the company's explosive product "Repulse Bay" for a limited time of 2599 yuan at a very low price, and also launched "double the pre-store" and "gifts at full amount" and other activities Offers attract consumers. As you can see, even grandma-level consumers do not let go. Once the event is launched, there are many participants.

What exactly is the factory direct purchase experience?

What kind of experience is it to go to the factory for shopping? Is it in a messy environment and a crowd of black people? Yalan has a tradition of opening warehouses once a year. This kind of small in-house purchases are even more familiar. For example, they will turn the Yalan factory into a temporary one-stop shopping mall and work hard on shopping experience and service. Not only has a children's area, a tea break area, but also special car transfers and free parking services, it is a five-star factory shopping experience.

Star burst products + ultra-low prices for a limited time, is a must-play card for factory direct sales

The reason why such a small-scale in-app purchase will be attractive. Mainly you can really buy affordable. Normally, a big brand like Yalan needs at least five or six thousand for a mattress . The "Repulse Bay" mattress launched by Yalan at this in-house purchase fair can be described as "high with low go." Anion fabric, stainless steel five-ring spring, high-quality natural latex, double-sided sleep design, etc. are all handy configurations. Not only quality is worth buying, the focus is on factory direct selling prices.

Decryption of operation mode: an "internal purchase card", enjoy the factory price

What is the specific operating mode of factory direct sales? This year, Yalan is grateful for the in-house purchase meeting. New products, special discounts, wayward prizes, golden egg carnivals, and other gameplay are available. In addition to these, there are a variety of money saving sets and buy gifts. There are many kinds of eyesight, but you only need one "internal purchase card" to enjoy the factory price.

There are also many channels for "internal purchase cards", which can be collected at any Yalan counter / specialty store on May 26, or you can open the Yalan public account without leaving home. According to observations, the reason why the public is eager to apply for a card is to double the mystery. For example, pre-storing 100 yuan into an in-app purchase card can activate admission. 500 yuan is pre-stored, and 1,000 yuan can be cashed directly on site.

With the "internal purchase card" to enter the market, you can get Yalanxin fragrance latex pillow. Such a benefit, customers who expect to buy mattresses naturally do not want to miss it. As a big brand, Yalan took the initiative to give back to the blue powder. This wave of operations is enough. It is very popular, and it is a matter of course.

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Title: Mattress Marketing Opens Direct Selling Model, and Endless Customer Capture Methods Are Emerging
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