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Latex mattress Ho De Ho can become the most popular material in the mattress industry

文章分类: 床垫新闻 编辑作者:深爱床垫 阅读: Published: 2018-05-21 21:22:58 Articles Category: Mattress news editor of: Mattress love to read:

在乳胶床垫体验现场,大家提到最多的两个词就是“消费升级”和“美好生活”。 [Guide]: At the scene of the latex mattress experience, the two words most mentioned by everyone are "consumer upgrade" and "good life". Indeed, more and more people are starting to pay for the "own" experience, rather than the "others" eyes, and are embracing a more relaxed and comfortable life.

Faced with readers' enthusiasm for latex mattresses , the staff at the site said that latex mattresses do not require you to completely abandon existing mattresses , as long as you add a layer on top of existing mattresses , only A few centimeters of latex pad can get the "upgrade experience in sleep".

What are the advantages of choosing latex for mattress materials

First of all, it has almost zero formaldehyde characteristics, which directly kills many mattresses on the market. Many new mattresses that have just been bought home are the focus of formaldehyde management. Moreover, its support is obvious to all. Latex's "quick rebound and strong support" characteristics determine that it will fit the curve of the body well, reasonably disperse the pressure and weight of the body, and let your whole body get the relaxation it deserves.

Due to the existence of the human body curve, whether it is sleeping on its back or sleeping on its side, the entire body can no longer be on the same plane, so the soft and hard mattress can effectively support the human body according to the human body curve. In addition, there are many air holes inside the latex mattress. By changing the size and density of air holes, it can achieve the effect of supporting the spine without losing its flexibility, so that the waist can be properly relaxed and healthy, and correct the poor sleeping posture and improve sleep. The effect of quality makes people fall asleep comfortably and securely.

In addition, as green bedding made of natural latex, latex mattresses are anti-mite, washable, non-deformable, highly breathable, high resilience, and excellent vibration damping capabilities. It can effectively prevent bacterial dehumidification and increase sleep comfort. It is a mattress that can breathe.

Compared with traditional Simmons and brown pads, the biggest advantage of latex mattresses is that they are comfortable enough to lie down in any position, which can effectively improve the sleep quality of middle-aged and elderly people, and can improve concentration and energy in the daytime.

Another advantage of latex mattresses is its super strong vibration absorption function. The latex mattress's excellent resilience and breathability make the turning movement can basically achieve ultra-quiet effect, which completely solves the problem of middle-aged and elderly people with shallow sleep. To the phenomenon of separation.

Although compared to other mattresses, latex mattresses are slightly more expensive than other mattresses because of their precious raw materials and significant efficacy, but the use of latex mattresses can exceed 10 years. A latex mattress valued at around RMB 4,229 can average 1.1 yuan per day to create a good night's sleep for yourself and your family. Considering the long-term investment, improving the quality of sleep, and improving the quality of life, it is really cost-effective!

Disclaimer: This article originates from the French official website of Mattress Mattress. If the articles and reprints of this site involve copyright issues, please contact the site in time, and we will deal with them as soon as possible.
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