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What questions need to be paid attention to on the custom tatami mattress

文章分类: 床垫选购 编辑作者:深爱床垫 阅读: Published: 2018-04-21 16:28:48 Articles Category: mattress purchase editorial writers: Mattress love to read:

榻榻米床垫比较的轻薄所以还具有使用灵活的优势,它可以便于携带,所以很多的消费者特别青睐这一家具,下面小编就讲解一下定做榻榻米床垫需要注意什么。 [Introduction]: Tatami mattresses are relatively thin and light, so they have the advantage of being flexible. They can be easily carried around, so many consumers are especially fond of this furniture. Below I will explain what you need to pay attention to when making a tatami mattress.

Tatami is more popular nowadays and is loved by many young people.As a household product, tatami mattresses have a soft and hard texture that promotes the growth of children's bones. At the same time, tatami mattresses are vulnerable to the elderly's fragile bodies Recovery is also very beneficial. So now many consumers will customize tatami mattresses, but do you know what to pay attention to ?

Custom tatami mattress needs attention to knowledge introduction

Experience it comfortably

How to buy a tatami mattress you are satisfied with? The best way is to lie on it and see if there is any unevenness.

View filler

The padding in the mattress is related to the life of the mattress, and if the mattress is made, the internal structure cannot be seen. So when buying, you can try to sit on it and feel the restorative power of the mat.

Pay attention to environmental protection

Environmental protection is the first element of the items used in the home environment, so the tatami mattresses purchased must be environmentally friendly. When buying, you can smell whether it has a pungent odor and see if there is a quality inspection report.

What you need to make a tatami mattress

What you need to make a tatami mattress

Note the size

At present, the standard size of tatami mattresses on the market is 1.5 meters, so if there is no special situation, you can buy according to this standard.

The price of tatami mats varies widely. Looking at mats with the same appearance and feel, some on Taobao only sell more than 100 yuan per square meter. In the custom-made tatami shop, the same mats will sell for nearly 400 yuan per square meter.

Pay attention to the size of the tatami mattress

Pay attention to the size of the tatami mattress

According to reports, the first step of the regular tatami production process is to kill insect eggs at high temperature, and then to produce, clean, sterilize, and disinfect a series of production processes and processes. When it reaches a certain level, eggs from raw materials (coconut palm or straw) will hatch. In fact, when you buy a tatami mat, especially a mat that is derived from nature, you must be cautious, and you can't buy things that make you worry.

Learn about tatami mattress production process

The above is what I need to know for you to make a custom tatami mattress . Whether you leave it at home or carry it out, you need to pay attention to those issues.

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Keywords: What to pay attention to for custom tatami mattresses

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