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How thick is a mountain brown mattress? Mountain brown mattress thickness selection

文章分类: 床垫选购 编辑作者:山棕床垫 阅读: Published: 2018-01-13 11:51:49 Articles Category: mattress purchase editorial writers: brown mattress reading:

山棕床垫是一种比较传统的床垫,而床垫行业中,山棕床垫的环保也是顶尖水平的,但是很多消费者就不知道山棕床垫厚度多厚才合适,所以下面小编为您介绍山棕床垫厚度如何选择。 [Guide]: Mountain palm mattress is a more traditional mattress, and in the mattress industry, the environmental protection of mountain palm mattress is also the top level, but many consumers do n’t know how thick the mountain palm mattress is. So, the following editor will introduce you how to choose the thickness of the mountain brown mattress.

Mountain palm mattress is a type of mattress that consumers trust more. It is better to rely on it than to rely on it. Mainly because mountain palm mattress is the oldest mattress in the mattress industry , so a lot of consumption Everyone will recommend other people to choose, but novices do not know how to choose a mountain palm mattress. The most important thing is the thickness of the mattress. The editor below introduces how to choose the thickness of a mountain palm mattress .

How to choose the thickness of mountain palm mattress :

The thicker the mattress, the better. The thickness of a mattress is not necessarily related to its carrying capacity, especially for spring mattresses. If the thickness of the spring does not change, thicken the bottom padding in exchange for better comfort, rather than carrying capacity.


Thickness has nothing to do with carrying capacity

The thickness of mountain palm mattresses to choose depends on the bed. Some beds are specially designed for Simmons. If you put mountain palm mattresses , you need to place 15-20 cm. How many people can accept, if you want to be cheap and thick, you can choose a semi-brown semi-spring mattress, 22 cm thick. Also suitable for thin cushion beds, such as mahogany beds, suitable for 6 cm, 8 cm. There are also adjustable low-profile solid wood beds for mattresses of all sizes.


Select the thickness of the mountain palm mattress according to the bed

In addition, the thickness is related to your own financial ability. The price of 6 cm is cheap, the mattress is hard, with a little softness. Usually, children and the elderly who buy it at home will choose this thickness; if the price of mountain brown is acceptable, you can choose 8 cm or 10 cm, the thicker the mountain brown mattress, the more elastic it is.


Thicker mountain brown mattresses are more elastic

The above is the knowledge of the thickness of the mountain palm mattress introduced by Xiaobian. When you choose, it is almost similar to know the characteristics of the mountain palm mattress.

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