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What is the normal mattress size? What are the standard mattress sizes?

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一般来说床垫的尺寸在选择的时候大多数都会选择自己试一试,但是如果在网上买的时候又该如何选择呢?下面小编就介绍一些常见的标准床垫尺寸,来解决您的烦恼。 [Guide]: Generally speaking, when choosing the size of the mattress, most people will choose to try it by themselves, but how to choose it when buying online? The following editor introduces some common standard mattress sizes. To solve your troubles.

The size of the mattress affects the quality of sleep of the sleeping people. Therefore, we are more cautious in choosing the size of the mattress. Regardless of the length and width of the mattress, we must be careful when selecting it. Let me explain to you some common standard mattress sizes .

Introduction of common standard mattress sizes

The single bed is 1800 × 1200, the double bed is 2000 × 1500, and the double bed is 2000 × 1800. The size of the double bed is 2000x1800. The size of the mattress is generally slightly smaller than the bed, and the length and width are generally about 2 cm smaller. The ratio of bed to room is generally controlled in the walkway of 50-70 cm. The height of the bed should not exceed 50 cm.


Introduction of mattress size and thickness

In life, our most common bed is a double bed. Generally, the size of a double bed is 2000 * 1800mm and 2200 * 2000mm. The two double beds are very large, so the standard size of the mattress is the same as the two sizes. When we buy a mattress, the merchant will give us a corresponding proposal based on the size of our own bed.


Most commonly used double mattress sizes

Most students use single beds. There are a variety of single beds, which are divided into high school students and children's beds. The size of a middle school student bed is generally 2000 * 1200 mm, so the standard size of a middle school student mattress should also be 2000 * 1200 mm, but the height of the mattress is different from a double bed. Middle school students are in the development stage, so the mattress cannot be too thick, generally half the height of the standard size of a double mattress, and not too soft.


Standard size of single mattress

For children's beds, many parents use brown mattresses. Brown cushion is also a kind of mattress. Generally speaking, the size of children's bed is 1800 * 1200mm. The standard size of a children's mattress is 1800 * 1200mm, and the thickness of the mattress should also be half that of a double mattress. All parents are reminded that they are not able to use mattresses at the stage of physical development, which has disadvantages to children's bone development.


Standard size of children's mattress

The above is the introduction of the most common standard mattress sizes . Of course, there are special cases. You must also choose the size of the mattress based on weight, height, weight, and weight.

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