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Why are hotel mattresses so comfortable? Only because of the selection criteria of star hotel mattresses

文章分类: 床垫选购 编辑作者:酒店床垫 阅读: Published: 2017-12-22 10:09:09 Articles Category: mattress purchase editorial writers: Hotel Mattress read:

床垫是酒店里的一种物品,一个好的床垫可以给客人一个舒适的睡眠,相反,坏的床垫,只会使人的脊椎产生唯一的刺激。 [Introduction]: A mattress is an item in a hotel. A good mattress can give guests a comfortable sleep. On the contrary, a bad mattress will only give a person a spine. So how to choose hotel mattresses? What are the selection criteria for hotel mattresses?

Many consumers feel that mattresses in five-star hotels are suitable for them after staying in five-star hotels. They want to buy mattresses in five-star hotels and move homes in five-star hotels. In fact, they want to buy five-star hotels. For mattresses, consumers need to know the selection criteria of star-level hotel mattresses. Only in this way can we choose a five-star hotel mattress that is suitable for them.

What are the criteria for choosing a hotel mattress:

Mattress fabric is the most intuitive basis for judging the quality of the mattress with the naked eye. Generally, when hotel staff determines the elastic line of the mattress fabric at the seam, there are no obvious wrinkles, floating lines, jumpers, and rough conditions. The hem and the corners of the mattress are symmetrical, and the mattress is pressed by hand. Comfortable and crisp, no internal noise appears, then passed the first level of investigation.


First choose the fabric of the hotel mattress

In order not to go out, maintain good physical strength and physical strength, good sleep is the top priority. A comfortable sleep is essential with a bed frame, mattress, mattress, quilt, pillow, bed sheet, and bedding. This time, the mattress is the most critical because it directly determines the quality of sleep. Therefore, the choice of mattresses for five-star hotels is very important. It is not only an important basis for evaluating the service level of the hotel, but also related to the occupancy rate of the hotel! Five-star hotels need to consider many factors when choosing mattresses. In addition to the external conditions of brand, history and word of mouth, the quality of the mattress is the top priority.


Considerations when choosing a hotel mattress

The human spine is not straight, but a shallow S-shape, which requires a certain degree of hardness support. An elastic mattress can ensure that sleepers sleep comfortably. Therefore, hotel staff will test the mattress's elasticity and hardness. Mattresses that are too soft or too hard will be eliminated. Of course, in order to meet the special needs of customers, such as the elderly used to sleep in hard beds, Parts will be specially prepared mattresses with several options in different hardness.


Mattresses that are too hard or too soft are bad for the spine

Inner packaging is an important part of mattress quality research. If the interior of the mattress is a zipper design, the hotel staff will open and observe the number of zippers and main materials in the interior of the mattress. The mattress does not have a zipper design. The hotel staff will ask the mattress brand to provide a cross-sectional view of the mattress, and clearly inform the interior of the mattress, and even say that the mattress is really cut to see if it is the same Be consistent and ensure foolproof.


Check the interior of the mattress

When selecting a mattress, the feel is not enough to identify the quality of the mattress. The most reliable identification method is lying down, the mattress is good, absolutely uneven, the edge sinks or the lining is moving. When you sleep on a mattress, a good mattress can stretch your spine naturally, leaving no space at all for your shoulders, waist and hips. To choose a reputable brand hotel, when choosing a mattress, don't look at the color or price, choose a reputable brand, improve the service system, and ensure after-sales service.


The most reliable way to buy hotel mattresses: lying, turning

,在功能上可根据酒店的实际情况确定,如床垫杀螨、防水、防静电等。 For the purchase of mattresses in five-star hotels , the functions can be determined according to the actual situation of the hotel, such as mattress killing mites, waterproofing, antistatic and so on. Regarding technology, it mainly depends on the actual needs of the hotel. For example, mattresses in five-star hotels generally use edge reinforcement systems, which use thicker springs on both sides of the long side of the spring net to prevent sleeping on the mattress Man fell from the edge.


Choose according to the actual situation of hotel mattresses

The above is the introduction of the criteria for purchasing mattresses for star-rated hotels . The quality of a hotel is related to the experience of a guest. If you can't sleep well, who will return?

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