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Why are latex mattresses so expensive? Recommended by Guangzhou latex mattress manufacturers

文章分类: 床垫选购 编辑作者:乳胶床垫 阅读: Published: 2017-12-14 10:36:09 Articles Category: mattress purchase editorial writers: latex mattress reading:

乳胶床垫经过几年的发展已经普及了中等家庭了,如今使用乳胶床垫的家庭越来越多了,所以大家也需要了解了解乳胶床垫贵在哪里?顺便为大家介绍一下小编所推荐的广州乳胶床垫生产厂家。 [Guide]: After several years of development, latex mattresses have become popular among medium-sized families. Nowadays, more and more families use latex mattresses, so everyone also needs to know where is the price of latex mattresses? By the way, let me introduce you The latex mattress manufacturer recommended by Xiaobian in Guangzhou.

Latex mattresses have always been the standard for consumers to judge whether the mattresses are good or not. The advantages of latex mattresses are the most among the mattresses , but do you know where to buy latex mattresses in Guangzhou? Xiaobian below Let me introduce the advantages of latex mattresses and the recommended Guangzhou latex mattress manufacturers .

What are the advantages of latex mattresses

Latex has antibacterial and dust-proof effects, which can prevent the growth of bacteria. Natural latex mattresses have many vent holes, small mesh structure, and good air permeability. These holes can exhaust the heat and moisture in the body, emit ventilation, and promote ventilation. After all, when the body sleeps, it will drain nearly 1 pound of water, and the mattress with poor air permeability will be very uncomfortable. The contact area of latex mattresses is much higher than that of ordinary mattresses. It can disperse the body's tolerance and achieve support in all aspects. With the role of correcting poor sleeping posture.


The advantages of latex mattress

Why are latex mattresses so expensive?

It's very simple. As long as you understand how latex has changed from raw materials to mattresses in shopping malls, you must know how and where the latex mattresses are expensive after going through several links. The link can be roughly divided into: raw materials-technology-OEM-listing. The price of natural latex raw materials is about one ton more than 1w. A pure latex mattress with a thickness of 1.8 × 2m and a thickness of 20cm weighs about 50kg. It can be seen that the price of raw materials in the total price of the mattress is not high;


Latex raw materials are not the main reason why latex mattresses are expensive

Many brands do not have their own latex processing plants, and generally choose OEM pure latex mattresses. The theme of huge price differences is exactly at this step: the same product, marked with different trademarks, has different prices, just like society should treat us equally, mark with different labels, have different prices, and eventually go to different destinies !


Finding someone to make a mattress is the main reason why latex mattresses are expensive

Recommended latex mattress manufacturers in Guangzhou

Then if you buy it directly from the manufacturer, the price will be much cheaper, and the quality and craftsmanship can also be concerned. The following introduces a manufacturer from Guangzhou that specializes in manufacturing natural latex mattresses. This is France loves mattresses, and France loves them. The mattress uses natural latex imported from Thailand, which is impeccable in front of the material, but their latex mattress is not a whole piece of latex as a mattress, because a whole piece of latex is too soft to sleep, and the French deep The brands that love mattresses are made of stainless steel springs and latex.


Pure latex mattress is too soft

After all, the spring latex mattress has a better support force, which will not let your body be in a collapsed state. The waist and back can get the proper support without causing the symptoms of spine bending and deformation. France loves not only the use of latex in spring mattresses. Even 3D and space memory foam have been used. Both comfort and environmental protection are at the top level, and they are loved by consumers.


Spring mattresses are more supportive than pure latex

If this is the case, then I will not recommend it for you. The biggest feature of this manufacturer is unlimited customization. No matter how big the size, how complicated the pattern, and the strange shape, you can build it for you. According to your The custom-made mattresses in your bedroom will suit your personality.

法国深爱床垫最大的好处就是无限定制 The biggest benefit of French love mattress is unlimited customization

The above is the introduction of the Guangzhou latex mattress manufacturer . France loves mattresses nowadays both online and offline. The mattresses created using the French court design concept are designed to use ergonomic principles to relieve local pressure on the body , Relieve stress points, if you want to have such a mattress then you can click on the customer service consultation on the right for more information.

Disclaimer: This article originates from the French official website of Mattress Mattress. If the articles and manuscripts on this site involve copyright issues, please contact the site in time, and we will deal with them as soon as possible.
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