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What to pay attention to when selling latex mattresses? Knowledge and tips for latex mattress wholesales

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随着乳胶床垫市场价值逐渐提升时,乳胶床垫的订购量也逐渐加大了,所以在乳胶床垫批发时需要注意不要买错或者买到劣质产品,不然就亏大了,下面就介绍介绍乳胶床垫批发要注意哪些? [Guide]: As the market value of latex mattresses gradually increases, the order of latex mattresses also gradually increases, so you need to be careful not to buy the wrong or inferior products when you buy latex mattresses, otherwise you will lose money. , The following introduces what to pay attention to the wholesale of latex mattresses?

Latex mattresses have always been loved by consumers because of their softness and comfort, natural environmental protection, strong support, anti-mite, antibacterial, comfortable and breathable characteristics. Latex mattresses have become more popular mid-to-high-end mattresses in recent years. Buying latex mattresses has now become a sleeping fashion, pure natural latex. Most latex mattresses on the market today are not made of 100% pure natural materials. Still a chemical compound. Therefore, there are still many problems to be paid attention to when wholesale latex mattresses .

Matters needing attention when wholesale latex bed

Real pure natural latex is extremely expensive. Latex itself cannot stop the oxidation process, especially when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, latex mattresses should not be exposed to sunlight. Latex has an allergic effect, and about 8% of people are allergic to latex. 天然乳胶床垫时要注意什么? But this does not affect the advantages of latex mattresses, so what should you pay attention to when wholesale natural latex mattresses ?


Natural latex mattress

No matter what the mattress is, it should have its own product identification, such as trademark, product name, registered trademark, manufacturing company name, product barcode, and so on. The majority of Sanwu mattresses sold on the market without a clear factory name, site and registered trademark are inferior products with low quality and low price.


Observe the product identification of the latex mattress

Latex mattresses with a density between 60-70 are softer and suitable for those who like soft mattresses ; those with a density between 70-80 are more suitable for those who like comfortable, soft and hard mattresses . , More suitable for Asians; and the density of latex mattresses between 80-85, the texture is harder, suitable for some people who like harder mattresses and require a higher sense of support.


Understanding the density of latex mattresses

First select the corresponding latex mattress partition according to your sleeping habits; second, the latex mattress should not be too thin, and the latex thickness must be at least 1 inch or more;

The next step is to determine whether it is a natural latex mattress according to some characteristics of latex :


Latex in latex mattresses must also be at least 1 inch

(A) pressure-latex mattress will quickly rebound when pressed down by hand.

(2) Smell—Natural latex will emit a faint milky flavor (this smell is the smell of latex itself), which is non-toxic and harmless.

(Three) touch-feel comfortable, as soft as baby skin; sweaty hands in contact with the latex mattress will make the latex yellow, which is normal.

(4) Q——I would like to ask the sales staff if they can wash with water. The most convenient thing for latex is water. Natural latex is easy to clean by hand (generally no need, just pat it gently), just dry it with an electric fan after dehydration. Does not deform.


Four major knowledge to determine whether it is natural latex

(5) Look—Natural latex has thousands of honeycomb pores, which hold more air than other fibers. These holes can exhaust the waste heat and moisture from the human body, promote natural ventilation, provide the best natural air conditioning system, keep the air inside the mattress fresh and healthy, and maintain a comfortable feeling every season. If you meet these characteristics, you can basically judge that it is a natural latex mattress .


See if the honeycomb vents are breathable

The above are the things to pay attention to when wholesale latex mattresses . Latex mattresses are also a relatively expensive product. For merchants who want to get rich in this industry, they must pay attention to the messiness in wholesale latex mattresses and avoid eating. A dumb loss.

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