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How do mattress manufacturers in Dongguan choose mattresses?

文章分类: 床垫选购 编辑作者:床垫厂家 阅读: Published: 2017-11-28 09:49:04 Articles Category: mattress purchase editorial writers: Mattress manufacturers read:

床垫是我们一天经常用到的物品之一,在选择床垫的时候一定要打起百分之一百二的谨慎,直接在床垫厂中定做床垫是一个明智的方法,那么小编就将给大家推荐一个知名的东莞床垫厂。 [Guide]: Mattress is one of the items we often use in a day. When choosing a mattress, we must take care of 122%. It is a wise method to customize the mattress directly in the mattress factory. Then, Xiaobian will recommend a well-known Dongguan mattress factory to everyone.

The mattress industry in Dongguan, Guangdong, has experienced different levels of mattress pollution or excessive formaldehyde. The problem of mattress pollution is easily ignored by consumers. For spring soft mattresses, there are individual manufacturers to save costs. Therefore, the use of fabrics and sponges with excess formaldehyde as matting materials, the mattresses filled out of formaldehyde will naturally exceed the standard. Here is what you should pay attention to when purchasing mattresses in Dongguan mattress manufacturers , and by the way recommend a reliable Dongguan mattress manufacturer.

Purchase knowledge in Dongguan mattress manufacturers

优质床垫面料衔接处松紧一致,没有明显褶皱,没有浮线、跳线;缝边、四角圆弧匀称,没有露毛边现象,牙线平直。 Dongguan mattress manufacturer's high-quality mattress fabric joints are tight and consistent, no obvious folds, no floating lines, jumpers; seams, corners and arcs are symmetrical, no frayed edges, and dental floss is straight. When the mattress is pressed by hand, there is no friction sound inside, and the hand feels stiff and comfortable. Inferior mattress fabrics often have inconsistent quilting tightness, with floating lines, jumpers, seams, and corner arcs that are not well-balanced, and dental floss is not straight.


Judging mattress quality from fabric workmanship

Regardless of whether a genuine mattress is a brown pad, a spring pad or a cotton pad, the product logo has the product name, registered trademark, manufacturing company name, factory address, contact phone number, and some also have a certificate of compliance and a credit card. The majority of mattresses sold on the market without factory name, site and registered trademarks are low-quality and inferior products.


Good or bad mattress from product identification

用簧数量的多少和钢丝直径的大小决定弹簧床垫的软、硬。 The number of springs used in a spring mattress and the size of the wire diameter determine the softness and stiffness of the spring mattress. Press the surface of the spring mattress with bare hands. If the spring rings, it means that the spring has quality problems. If it is found that the spring is rusty, the inner cushion material is a worn sack or a flocculent fiber product opened with industrial waste, the spring soft mattress is a poor quality product.


Pros and cons of soft spring mattresses from internal materials

"Black heart cotton" is the name for low-quality cotton. "Heart cotton" does not meet the relevant national health standards. Sleeping on "Heart Cotton" mattresses will cause damage to his health. Sleeping on an unsuitable mattress for a long time will affect the health of the spine, and many people's back pain is also caused by not choosing the right mattress. Many consumers think that the harder the mattress, the better, or the softer the better. Some older consumers believe that the harder the mattress is, the more comfortable it is to fall asleep, while many brands on the market are pushing soft mattresses.


Buy cotton mattresses, beware of "black cotton"

So, the harder the mattress, the better, or the softer the better? This reporter asked a number of Dongguan mattress manufacturers in charge, they all said that the soft and hard mattresses are needed when consumers choose to buy a mattress Pay attention. The ideal mattress should be moderately soft and hard, which can support every part of your body perfectly, and can support every part of the body evenly according to the curve and weight of the body. A soft or hard mattress will destroy the natural physiological curvature of the spine .


The ideal mattress is moderately soft and hard

Recommended mattress manufacturers in Dongguan -France loves

France deeply loves the mattress brand is one of the brands under Haussen. As one of the largest furniture brands in Guangdong, Haussen brand uses the most environmentally-friendly materials to create, promote green and environmentally friendly sleep, and improve the quality of sleep for the general public. Affordable prices and super high quality mattresses are deeply loved by consumers and become one of the best-selling brands in Guangdong.


Well-known mattress brand-French love

The above are recommended brand mattresses from Dongguan mattress manufacturers . In recent years, mattress incidents have been increasing, so when you choose, you must polish your eyes. Do n’t eat the losses of unscrupulous merchants. Learn about these mattress manufacturers. Buying knowledge can avoid taking a lot of detours.

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