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How should I choose a soft mattress? Introduction to the purchase of soft mattresses

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在软床垫的市场中也算是比较畅销的,它以柔软著名,但是作为畅销的类型,作假肯定少不了,那今日小编就给大家科普一下软床垫的选购知识有哪些。 [Introduction]: Soft mattress is also a best seller in the market. It is famous for softness, but as a best-selling type, fraud must be indispensable. Then Xiaobian will give you some popular knowledge about the purchase of soft mattresses. .

Soft mattresses are developed into the Chinese market from abroad. It is a relatively soft mattress type. Although most people in China prefer harder mattresses, they still prefer softer ones. Tell us about the purchase of soft mattresses .

I teach you how to choose a soft mattress

To sleep well and to spend less time must meet the following elements: whether it is lying on its side or supine, it can keep the body naturally relaxed. The larger the contact area between the body and the bed, the better the contact area. It has good resilience and toughness to support the weight of each part of the body. It will obviously encounter resistance when pressed up by hand.


Check the elasticity by hand

With good breathability, it is easy for the skin to breathe and dissipate heat. Design according to humanization. For example, in order to reduce the interference between the double beds , a double bed (or double mattress ) should be used. The installation is convenient and quick, the bed is sturdy and has a sufficiently long service life. Light weight for easy handling and cleaning. No noise during normal use. When in use, it will only sink for about 1 cm. This quality is a high-quality mattress.


Choose a mattress with excellent breathability

Although each person's physical conditions are different, they show their individuality. However, every part of everyone's body needs to be adequately supported during sleep, and the requirements for reducing stress are the same. The requirements for scientific, healthy, and comfortable beds are the same. One third of a person's life is spent in bed, which has become a common sense in our minds. Since such a long time is spent on the bed, and the mattress is essential for delicate sleep, then the meaning of a good mattress is instantly highlighted.


To choose a mattress scientifically

Generally Europeans prefer soft mattresses, while Chinese prefer hard board beds. So is the mattress the harder the better? This is definitely not the case, a good mattress should be moderately soft. Because only a soft and hard mattress can support every part of the body perfectly, which is beneficial to the health of the spine.


To choose a soft and hard soft mattress

Seeing whether it is in accordance with the national quality system testing standards, high-quality mattresses have specific signs and requirements, such as registered trademarks, the export logo "R" letter, certificate of conformity, date of manufacture, specifications, model, product name, both sides of the front The depth of the suture is obvious, the thickness is uniform and flat, and it is not easy to fall when it is placed vertically. It is an indispensable condition for a high-quality mattress.


View Mattress Certificate

The quality of a mattress is mainly determined by its internal materials and fillers, so the intrinsic quality of the mattress must be observed. If the inside of the mattress is a zipper design, you can open it and look at it to observe the internal process and the number of main materials, such as whether the main spring reaches six turns, whether the spring is rusty, and whether the interior of the mattress is clean.


Check the internal fillings

This is how to buy soft mattresses. In fact, there is a better way to buy soft mattress brand goods directly, but soft mattresses are not suitable for everyone. Pay attention to whether soft mattresses are suitable for you Physical condition.

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