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法国深爱床垫,为您提供最完美的优质睡眠,深爱不仅在国外市场广受消费者青睐,在国内市场也得到越来越多消费者的喜爱。 [Introduction]: France deeply loves mattresses and provides you with the best quality sleep. Deep love is not only popular with consumers in foreign markets, but also more and more consumers in domestic markets. We say good is not really good, the real right to speak lies in the hands of customers!

According to calculations, a person spends one third of his life in bed. However, lying in bed does not mean that you can fall asleep, and falling asleep does not mean that you sleep well. The basic condition for a good sleep is to have a comfortable, suitable mattress . Deep Love mattress originated from the French court in 1889. Deep Love Mattress has been focusing on the field of sleep for 17 years, with the mission of "manufacturing world-class mattresses", which aims to provide the perfect sleep for every sleeper. Customer feedback over the past 17 years is our greatest compliment.


Love the mattress customer feedback

I am an old customer who deeply loves mattresses. The mattresses at home use this product. I am assured that I love deeply. The quality is absolutely good! It is very comfortable to sleep. This time I bought it for my elderly. The old man said that he fell asleep well and didn't hurt. And I love the mattress to help you sleep. I thought I woke up at dawn when I first used it. I used Spring Simmons before. It felt too soft. I did n’t use a mattress and it was too hard. I felt more cotton pads and felt hot. The 3E brown material mattress and the outer knitted fabric cover are moderately soft and hard, and the bed is particularly comfortable.



Ms. Zhang from Lijiang, Yunnan uses feedback

I have seen many brands and many styles have been ending before. After doing a lot of homework, I finally decided to buy this one. I have been urging customer service, and the customer service is very patient and has been helping me check. After receiving it, I was finally at ease. The installer was very responsible. While waiting for the courier, I made a double-sided bed sheet with the old sheets in advance. Both the front and the back can be protected. In order to ensure that the top and bottom are well ventilated, I tore off the plastic outside . I was going to sleep on it for a few days, after all, for children. Worried about formaldehyde, the baby is very good, and went straight to bed the same day without odor. I have been using it for more than a week. The double sides of the children ’s mattress are relatively hard, and the spine is well protected. Now the softer side is used in winter, covered with cotton wool. The mattress has white clouds, and it feels like sleeping. Comfortable. Simple and generous, looking forward to the next cooperation.


Beijing Chaoyang Qian uses feedback

After receiving it, check the front and back carefully. The appearance is flat and dry, the workmanship is fine, and there is no damage, deformation, or dirt. The mattress was heavy and I couldn't push it. The mattress was disassembled and it didn't have a heavy taste. After a day or two of drying, the taste almost disappeared, and the corner line of the mattress was smooth. The workmanship is much better than the brand I bought before. I tried it on the bed. The size was just right, the thickness was consistent with the description, the support was good around me. For hours, soft noodles are just fine for me. It seems that I have to start by replacing the old one.


Beijing Mr Zhao uses feedback

I finally waited for you! The mattress is very good. I tried it on the bed and tried it very comfortably. The hardness is also suitable for children. I bought two mattresses and it was really cost-effective. I also took the packing garbage downstairs. I also want to praise the pre-sale customer service, the service is very satisfied, you must answer questions, take the trouble, the chicken is satisfied! In short, very satisfied. I also bought latex pillows, and now look forward to the arrival of latex pillows!


Shandong Ms. Liu uses feedback

I bought two mattresses in deep love, one for children's room and one for bedroom. It turns out that the choice of the brand is the right one. I customized the size and it was shipped soon. In fact, I was quite worried. I was quite surprised when the outer packaging was made of cowhide. It would not get wet in rainy days. I opened it with a bag and the mattress felt very good. I sat on it very comfortably. The service of the big brands was particularly good. Warm and patient, like the deep love.


Hebei Liu uses feedback

I slept on the mattress for a few days and felt very comfortable. This mattress didn't fall asleep, and it was cool and breathable. The three-fold mattress was placed on the original mattress, and a thin mattress or quilt was enough. I didn't want another mattress. The most important thing is to protect against mites. The children can rest assured when they fall asleep! 3E brown can be environmentally friendly and tasteless, but I still take it out in the sun. There are some white things in the middle of the mattress. But it can definitely be seen that there is no added glue, which is great.


Mr. Chen from Shenzhen, Guangdong uses feedback

France loves deeply, 17 years of production experience, extended from the French court's design concept, static plus dynamic DVT, the design is suitable for using ergonomic principles to relieve local pressure on the human body, soothing pressure points, comprehensive care of ventilation technology, powerful dry technology, hinder The hot and humid problems will help you relax your stress before going to bed. You will love the facts on the mattress.

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Title: Love the mattress well, let the customer say, love the customer's feedback
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Sleeping all night was so comfortable, like sleeping in a cotton pile. A bit of latex smell, I hope it will not deform.

Love the mattress from customer feedback from Xinzhou

I tried to sleep for one night, the hardness was moderate, the body was comfortable, and I felt good. Some friends have seen the evaluation is also good, there is a desire to buy. Support domestic goods!

Love the mattress Customer feedback from Hezhou

The mattress was used for a few days and I felt too comfortable. I won't have back pain in the morning when I get up.

Love the mattress Customer feedback from Jiujiang

The mattresses that France loves are suitable for being soft and firm, and the body is well balanced. I used them immediately after removing the packaging when I got home, and there was no taste at all. The lumbar support points are comfortable and comfortable to walk up.