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Do you know the coconut palm mattress with different crafts?

文章分类: 床垫百科 编辑作者:深爱床垫 阅读: Published: 2018-04-29 17:03:59 Articles Category: Mattress Wikipedia edit Author: Mattress love to read:

国内买的最好的几款床垫莫过于乳胶床垫、记忆棉床垫、椰棕床垫、弹簧床垫了(3D床垫太高档),今天小编主要介绍的就是定做椰棕床垫好吗?下面就为您介绍介绍。 [Guide]: There are no better mattresses in China than latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, coconut palm mattresses, and spring mattresses (3D mattresses are too high-end). Today I mainly introduce customization How about coconut palm mattresses? I'll introduce them below.

Coconut palm mattresses are the most common types in the mattress industry . For many people, coconut palm mattresses are the most important choice for mattresses . If processed well, coconut palm mattresses are also very environmentally friendly Yes, but because of the frequent occurrence of domestic mattress incidents, many consumers have questions in their hearts. Is it OK to make a coconut palm mattress ? Let me introduce you below.

Assortment of different technology coconut palm mattresses

As the name suggests, the coconut palm mattress is a mattress made of the outer fiber of the coconut. The material of the coconut palm mattress is made of the palm fiber we often see. It is hard and soft. Natural coconut palm mattresses are mostly bonded with natural rubber, which has a very high resilience, which can be the body's spine in a balanced force for a long time during sleep. However, the technology of coconut palm mattress is different, so the mattresses made are also different.

Coconut mattress production process

Coconut mattress production process

1. Semi-soft brown pad with reddish color and rough workmanship. It is glued with glue and looks better than a straw pad. In fact, it is not as good as a straw pad.

2. Straw mat: It is wrapped in coconut palm and filled with straw. The chemical composition is less, but the comfort of the raw material is not much to say ... It is the same as semi-soft and cheap.

Introduction of Semi-soft Brown Mat and Straw Mat

Introduction of Semi-soft Brown Mat and Straw Mat

3. The popular 3E coconut palm in recent years is also called 3E Coconut Dream. The raw material is the coconut silk extracted from the coconut shell. It is lighter by adding 4080 albino fiber through 230 ° high temperature hot-melt bonding, almost no formaldehyde, but 4080 albino. After all, the fibers are chemical products. There is still a gap between high-elastic soft brown mattresses bonded to natural latex. Let's talk about high-elastic soft brown.

3E coconut palm material introduction

3E coconut palm material introduction

High elasticity. As the name suggests, high elasticity and high density. The raw material is the same as coconut silk, but the coconut silk different from 3E is made of brown rope. The brown silk itself is not soft and has a certain hardness, but the elastic resistance is greatly enhanced after processing into brown rope. Said 3E brown adhesive is 4080 chemical fiber, so what is the high elastic soft brown adhesive? Natural latex. Natural latex itself is not sticky enough to adhere to the brown pad, but the seamless bonding through wireless knitting technology makes the highly elastic brown extremely strong and softer than 3E Coconut Dream, which can be bent.

High elastic soft brown material introduction

High elastic soft brown material introduction

Because of the difference in technology, most of them use three-dimensional network structure. This mattress is especially suitable for teenagers with long bodies and children and students. This can help them to complete the growth and development of bones and avoid the occurrence of humpback and lumps.

Three-dimensional network structure is very suitable for teenagers and children

Three-dimensional network structure is very suitable for teenagers and children

The natural coconut palm is fragrant, so it can also relax and sleep. If students have a lot of pressure to read, it is more suitable to choose such a mattress. Therefore, the coconut palm mattress is more suitable for teenagers. Coconut mattresses also have the disadvantage that they are easy to collapse and deform, and their supporting performance is not good. Secondly, the coconut palm mattress is also troublesome in maintenance, because it is prone to problems such as bugs, mold, and the like.

The disadvantages of coconut palm mattress

The disadvantages of coconut palm mattress

The above is the knowledge about the custom coconut palm mattress introduced by Xiaobian. The coconut palm mattress is actually not bad, but because the credibility of many businesses today ca n’t be estimated, so many of them are customized Consumers still need to pick a good mattress brand.

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