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How thick is a memory foam mattress? What's so bad about memory foam being too thick or too thin

文章分类: 床垫百科 编辑作者:记忆棉床垫 阅读: Published: 2017-12-21 11:48:04 Articles Category: Mattress Wikipedia editorial writers: memory foam mattress reading:

记忆棉床垫虽然价格昂贵,但是喜欢记忆棉床垫的人也会买一个回去,但是去把握不了厚度,太厚了不好,太薄了也不好,那么记忆棉多厚合适呢? [Guide]: Although memory foam mattresses are expensive, people who like memory foam mattresses will also buy one, but they ca n’t grasp the thickness. Too thick is not good, too thin is not good, so how thick is the memory foam How about it?

The advent of memory foam mattresses has not caused much fluctuation, because consumers do not know much about memory foam mattresses. The biggest feature of memory foams is that they can absorb and break down the pressure of the body. Ordinary mattresses have a reaction force on the human body, so the spine and joints will be pressed by the mattress, and people will feel pain and paralysis. Let me explain to you how thick and suitable a memory foam mattress is . This is a problem.

How thick is a memory foam mattress?

How thick is a typical memory foam mattress? Everyone knows that the mattress they choose is not the thicker the better, nor the thinner the better, but to see what kind of product they are buying. Generally, the thickness of memory foam mattresses is more than 20 cm, which is suitable for infants and children. If the mattress you buy is too thick, the memory foam mattress will be too soft, leaving the spine in a curved state all the time, making it a certain health risk and affecting human health.


Different people sleep with different thickness of memory foam mattresses

There are three types of ordinary memory foam mattresses: thin, thick and thick. Generally speaking, a growing and developing child is more suitable for a thin bed. Such a bed is relatively stiff, which allows children to grow normally and provides a healthy environment for their children. The mattresses for general home use are products of the thickness series, which are soft and hard to provide the most comfortable sleep. But those with special physiological problems need to use thicker mattresses.


Ordinary memory foam mattress thickness type

As we all know, there are many common things about the thickness of cotton mattresses. Products of different thicknesses can bring different sleep enjoyment to meet different consumer needs. According to relevant data, the thickness of general memory foam mattresses can reach more than 10 centimeters, which can fully provide the body's load-bearing capacity, make your body difficult to deform, and provide the most comfortable sleeping environment. Memory foam mattresses are getting thicker and softer, but when the product reaches 20 cm in thickness, its softness decreases.


What is the thickness of memory foam mattresses?

It depends on personal preference! There are 3cm, 5cm, 7cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, etc. According to personal preference and the situation of the bed at home, 3cm and 5cm are not enough, the thickness of the hard bed is greater than 10 cm or more Better! You want a layer of memory cotton or memory cotton. If the layer is 2-5 cm, there is a spring support that is not soft. If it is pure memory cotton, it must be thick and soft, at least more than 5 cm. After all, except for the bed There is no other support on the shelf, it is not recommended to buy pure memory foam, long waist can not stand.


Need to choose thickness according to your preference

The choice of thickness is as important as the density. When choosing the thickness of a memory foam mattress or memory foam pad, more factors must be considered, such as sleeping position and preferences. If you like to sleep on your stomach, your stomach will bear more Strength, then the thin pad or mattress you want to choose is better a little thicker and the density is a little higher. As a mattress with a density of about 70 kg / m3, the thickness of the thin pad is best. You can choose according to your preference.


Thickness is as important as density

The thickness of the memory foam mattress is now introduced here. I hope everyone can buy a memory foam mattress that suits you. There are many advantages of memory foam, so you should pay attention to some common knowledge when choosing.

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