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Appreciation of mattress products


Appreciation of mattress products

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DLOVE not just mattress, but healthy

Love Medical Mattress
Medical witness

Shen Ai Mattress is the designated supplier of mattresses for Aviation Medical College. Through clinical experiments and orthopaedic expert identification, it develops more ergonomic mattresses to ensure spine health.

Love the mattress material
Material environmental protection

The materials used in Deep Love Mattress are regularly tested to ensure that they do not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and make the air fresher.

Shengai mattress quality controllable
Controllable quality

Shen Ai mattress adopts first-class production equipment from spring production to fabric stitching, and independently produces the whole process to ensure that there is no gap in each link and the quality is controllable.

Love high-end custom mattress
High-end custom

Shen Ai mattress has professional designers, which can be customized according to different uses, different groups of users, and different users' height and weight.

Love the mattress

Unique customization / Quality space / Satisfy your respect

Focus on the healthy mattress market for more than ten years, professional and trustworthy Focus on office furniture for 10 years. Marvel provides you professional service

北京航空医学院指定合作单位,为部队提供商端医疗床垫。 The deep love of mattresses extended to the French court in 1889. In 2004, Hong Kong Haosen Furniture obtained the agency and trademark use rights and became one of the well-known high-end hotel mattress brands in China. Beijing Aviation Medical College designated a cooperative unit for the army provider medical mattress. French designers and senior orthopedic doctors work together to create a healthy mattress that fits the bones of Chinese people.

Refined and refined production strength and management, quality is more guaranteedStrength in production offers you the unique space

With world-class production equipment and technical personnel, mature production experience and perfect quality system have won the favor of many high-end furniture brands, seeking cooperation and OEM. With more than 100,000 square meters of production base and militarized team management, it can efficiently meet customer needs.

Marvel provide you one-stop solution with perfect products & after-sales service

The full range of health-based mattresses can be customized to meet the various needs of families / hotels / hospitals / schools / apartments. All aspects of customization, such as: round mattress / heart-shaped mattress / tatami mattress and other irregular mattresses. The long 30-year quality guarantee is reliable. 24 hours worry-free follow-up after sales, service is more intimate.

France deeply loves the strength of mattresses and provides professional fashion mattress customization services for you!

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